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The Gotthardt Healthgroup

Gotthardt Healthgroup is an e-health company based in Heidelberg. GHG Holding comprises Gotthardt Healthgroup AG, GHG Services GmbH and Mediteo GmbH. Their goal is improving patients’ lives and helping doctors deliver the best treatment available through digital solutions.

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Gotthardt Healthgroup AG

Gotthardt Healthgroup AG (GHG) develops in-house digital software solutions that support doctors in everyday life. In order to promote the expansion of a network, GHG organizes events for decision-makers in the healthcare industry at regular intervals.

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GHG Services GmbH

GHG Services GmbH sells software solutions that are developed by the Gotthardt Healthgroup AG. In the field of sales force, the e-health consultants from GHG Services GmbH locally provide information about these software solutions. The GHG Services team is available for helping with the installations of the GHG Praxisdienst and as a qualified contact for support inquiries in the Heidelberg office.

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Mediteo GmbH

Mediteo GmbH is the sister company of the Gotthardt Healthgroup AG and is also based in Heidelberg. Mediteo GmbH develops and distributes the medication manager app mediteo.

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